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The comparator
How does it work? 

The comparator allows you to compare pigeons:
Based on their performance or based on that of the closest family members.

According to the information provided by the seller, the comparator displays the following Wingup indices in order of priority: 

  1. The index of children

  2. The index of pigeon

  3. The index of brothers Sisters

  4. The average of the indices of parents

Example E.png

Children Index

Example FS.png

Sibling Index

Example pigeon having traveled.png

Index of the pigeon

Gauge example pigeonneau.png

Parent average

Each pigeon has one or two tags that indicate for what purpose the pigeon is sold.

  • If it is a pigeon that has traveled, it is sold as reproductive

  • If it is a youngster, it can be sold as reproductive or traveler


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