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Innovate for your success 

Launched in 2022, our software offers aux fanciers  the tools they need to assess, analyze and improve the performance of their pigeons. Our performance index and smart pedigrees are designed to accurately measure the quality of pigeons and track their performance over time. By joining Wingup, you will benefit from a cutting-edge experience in pigeon racing.

We are proud to promote this amazing sport by bringing innovation to enhance your passion for pigeon racing!

About Wingup

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Launched in 2022, Wingup is an innovative platform for pigeon fanciers created by Sébastien Carnel, breeding engineer and passionate pigeon fancier. His vision: to automate the processes of pedigree creation and pigeon evaluation, and optimize the monitoring of sports results to improve performance.

Wingup has now become an essential tool for pigeon fanciers and a reference in terms of innovation and development of pigeon racing.

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