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L'indice de performance
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The Wingup Performance Index

Improve the selection process of racing pigeons to achieve better performance.

Fanciers are always looking for ways to improve the sporting performance of their racing pigeons. Factors that influence performance can be of genetic and/or environmental origin. That's why we created the Wingup Performance Index, to help fanciers achieve their goal of improving the performance of their pigeons.


Our Performance Index is generated by an intelligent pedigree which makes it possible to evaluate and compare the performance of your racing pigeons with precision. It also eliminates biases related to differences in the number of participants for each race, thus offering a more accurate picture of the real performance of the pigeons.


The Wingup Performance Index is more representative of the actual performance of racing pigeons than the price rate alone. It is a reliable and accurate way to evaluate and compare the performance of your racing pigeons, ultimately improving your selection process and achieving better sporting performance.


Improve your selection process and achieve exceptional sporting performance with your racing pigeons with the Wingup Performance Index!

Indice de performance de Wingup.png
Suivre et analyser
Suivi de performance.png

Follow and analyze the performance of your pigeons with Wingup

With Wingup, our easy-to-use online platform, you can track and analyze the performance of your pigeons efficiently and quickly.

Our easy-to-use online platform allows you to track and analyze the performance of your racing pigeons:


By using Wingup, you save a considerable amount of time. The software automates the calculations, allowing you to focus on what is really important: monitoring the performance of your pigeons. And thanks to the visual presentation of the data, you can follow the performance of your colony at a glance, with clear and precise curves and graphs.


Access your colony's performance anywhere and anytime with our adaptable platform:


With Wingup, you can access your colony's performance anywhere and anytime. Our platform is adaptable, which means you can view it on any device, whether it's a computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to stay informed of the progress of your pigeons in real time, without being limited by the location or the equipment you use.


Compare the performance evolution of your pigeons:

By using Wingup you can also compare the performance of your pigeons with each other. This feature allows you to see the progress of each pigeon and take the necessary steps to improve their performance.


Wingup is the ideal solution for racing pigeon enthusiasts wishing to monitor and analyze the performance of their colony efficiently and quickly. So don't wait any longer and try Wingup now!

Suivi de performance.png
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Nos fonctionnalités

Our features

Lists of pigeons and races: 

  1. Calculation of performance index Wingup for each pigeon according to its performance.

  2. Sorting of pigeons in the loft according to their number, sex, name, specialty, number of results recorded and Iw.

  3. Sorting of races by name, date, type and number of participating pigeons, with number of recorded results.

  4. Filter to display only speed, middle distance, long distance or deep distance contests.

  5. Search engine to quickly find a particular pigeon or race.


Pedigree Management - Smart Pedigrees:

  1. Connection of pedigrees:pigeons only have one entry in the database.

  2. Simplified entry: if the data of a pigeon has already been entered by other users, a user can fill in his pedigree in just a few clicks.

  3. Race-by-race entry: Users can enter race results for multiple pigeons at once, simplifying the process of creating pedigrees.

  4. Display of the best results: the best results appear first in the pedigrees, which allows a better understanding of the performance of the pigeons.

  5. Automatic calculation of the type of competition according to the distance: speed, middle distance, long distance, deep distance.

  6. Automatic translation in all languages supported by Wingup.

  7. Visual and colorful design: pedigrees are presented in a visual and colorful way, making it easier to understand a pigeon's family.

  8. Wingup performance index: each pigeon or group of parents displays a Wingup performance index, which makes it possible to quickly see the quality of the pigeons and their progeny, and to compare them with each other.

  9. Addition of photos in the genealogies for a better visualization of the pigeons.


Access control and collaboration:

  1. Access control: a user can claim a pigeon, which allows him to modify it. If a pigeon is shared, several users can add information to it (limited to pigeons created by the user in the free version)

  2. Notifications: when a pigeon is modified by a user, the other users are informed of the modifications, which guarantees the reliability of the pedigrees.

  3. Transfer of pigeons: users can exchange pigeons using transfer codes.

Performance curves: an incredible essential dashboard for your colony

  1. Individual performance curves: for each pigeon, it is possible to visualize its performance curve and see if it is improving or losing performance.

  2. Curves for groups of pigeons: it is possible to view a curve for a group of pigeons such as youngsters, yearlings, pigeons born between certain years, or pigeons according to their category (speed, middle distance, long distance).

  3. Evolution over the years: it is also possible to see how the performance of the whole colony evolves over the years.

Data security:

The data is stored in France.

Don't wait any longer, join our community of pigeon fanciers now and benefit from the advantages of your free registration!

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