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Natural game - The Kotjes

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Foreword: It is crucial to bear in mind that pigeons deserve respectful and caring treatment. It is your responsibility to ensure their well-being at all times.

Here are the steps to effectively implement the "Kotjes" method for short distance racing pigeons:

  1. Install insulated enclosures for each pair of pigeons, with a specific exit to the roof. Place these enclosures in rows in the loft, against the roof, with access to each enclosure through a "gaping tile" and a runner board.

  2. Use a strong, brightly coloured, unmated male for each kotje for about 10 minutes before the first trainings to avoid dangerous fights.

  3. Train the pigeons regularly so that they learn to recognise their kotje and avoid mistakes that could cause injury.

  4. Make sure they are well looked after at all times, show the fighter when leaving and when returning, this is enough after one month of training.

  5. Keep in mind that this method takes a lot of time and effort to set up correctly and is intended for speed competitions, so it is important to think carefully before using it.

Source : Fédération Colombophile Française, les méthodes de jeux au naturel -

Have you ever used the "Kotjes" method for racing pigeons? If so, how did it work for you?

  • Yes, and it was very effective

  • Yes, but without success

  • No, I did not know this method

  • Yes, I tried it but I am not sure of the results


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