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Storage of pigeon eggs: Tips and tricks

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

It is sometimes difficult to synchronise the laying of the pigeons so that the young are the same age when they are weaned. This is why egg storage can be useful. It also makes it possible to remove the females from the widowers at the same time. For winter clutches, this prevents the first eggs from freezing. This is because the females do not start incubating until the second egg is laid.

As Richard Coutelet recommends on his blog, it is recommended to store pigeon eggs in a dark place, for example in an egg box. It is important to place the eggs point down to keep the air chamber intact. It is also useful to note that turning the eggs is not necessary and does not improve hatching.

Temperature is important, even for short-term storage. It is advisable to maintain a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees to allow incubation as soon as the eggs are returned to the nest. Room humidity is sufficient for this length of storage, but it is important to maintain a very low air change rate, which is why the use of an egg box is recommended.

Tip : to adapt the size of the egg boxes to the size of the pigeon eggs, it is possible to put a few sheets of paper in the box. It is important to handle the eggs with care.

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