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Choosing the right litter for your loft: a question of comfort, cleanliness and cost

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Homing pigeons are hardy birds, but their comfort and cleanliness are important for their flying performance. That is why it is crucial to choose the right type of litter for your loft.

There are several types of loft bedding, each with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of their ability to dry out the loft floor. Here are some of the more common options:

Highly absorbent litter :

  • Wood pellets: Wood pellets are a more expensive but durable choice for loft bedding. They are easy to clean and do not cause health problems for the pigeons.

  • Cat litter: Cat litter can also be used as loft litter, but it is important to check that it is safe for pigeons before using it. Some cat litters may contain ingredients that can be harmful to pigeons. However, cat litter is often very absorbent and can help to keep the floor in the loft dry.

  • Special pigeon loft litters: There are also litters specially designed for pigeon lofts, which offer excellent absorbency and optimum comfort for the pigeons.

Less absorbent litter :

  • Straw: Straw is a classic choice for loft bedding. It is an affordable and easy to find option, but can be difficult to clean and can decompose quickly.

  • Hay: Hay is another popular choice for loft bedding. It is comfortable for the pigeons and easy to clean, but can also decompose quickly.

  • Sawdust: Sawdust is an economical option for loft bedding. It is easy to clean, but can cause health problems for pigeons if inhaled.

  • Sand: Can be considered ideal for some pigeon fanciers because of its lack of dust and protection against worms and coccidiosis. However, sand is high maintenance and can cause problems with mud.

  • Alfalfa straw: Alfalfa straw is a loft bedding option that offers a good level of comfort for pigeons, but has a more limited absorption capacity.

In conclusion, it is important to choose a loft litter that suits your needs in terms of cost, cleanliness and comfort for the pigeons. Be sure to check the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making your choice.

Note : It is also possible to use a slatted floor for pigeon houses. This type of floor has the advantage of limiting the need for cleaning, but the pigeons do not have much contact with their droppings, which may result in lower immunity to coccidiosis. Ultimately, the choice of bedding will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of your pigeons

And you, what kind of litter do you use?

  • Wood pellets

  • Cat litter

  • Special litter for pigeon

  • Straw

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