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Wingup: the pigeon racing revolution with innovative software

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Wingup is an innovative software founded by Sébastien CARNEL, a passionate pigeon fancier from Northern France.

He used his experience as a breeding engineer and his travels around the world to come up with solutions to help pigeon fanciers improve their sporting performance. In 2020, he decided to create this software, leaving his job as an engineer to embark on the adventure. He obtained grants to complement his personal investment and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The first version of the software was launched in August 2022, generating a lot of interest among pigeon fanciers.

Wingup is a must-have tool for all pigeon fanciers, whether they are beginners or experienced. It generates pedigrees, simplifies the process of creating a pedigree and evaluates pigeons on the basis of an index that includes all known results. It also offers advanced features such as intelligent pedigrees and accurate performance curves for each pigeon and for the colony.

Wingup is revolutionising the practice of pigeon racing around the world. It shows how pigeon racing is in tune with the times, where people want to get closer to nature. Registering and subscribing to Wingup is to give yourself the means to succeed in pigeon racing and to simplify the management of your colony. Don't wait any longer and join the Wingup users' community now!


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