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Improving the performance of racing pigeons with the wing method of Jacky Hardy

The wing method of Jacky Hardy is a method used to evaluate the morphological qualities of racing pigeons. It consists of examining different elements such as body strength, plumage quality and wing morphology, all of which are necessary for good racing performance.

By using this method, pigeon fanciers can select the best performing pigeons and breed them so that they complement each other morphologically. In this way, the chances of obtaining successful offspring are optimised by combining complementary morphological qualities.

It is important to note that in order to have successful pigeons, all aspects must be taken into account, morphology is important but not enough, good feeding, proper care, regular training, etc.

At the end of the career, the best pigeons in the colony are ready for breeding. From the pigeons that have proven their performance in competitions, those with the best morphological qualities, such as a good wishbone, good musculature or a good wing, are selected. The aim is to combine the best morphological qualities of the selected pigeons to obtain more complete offspring. By mating pigeons that complement each other, the colony can be improved by generating pigeons that possess morphological qualities of both parents.

See the explanations of wing judge Jacky Hardy in this video (you can add the subtitles for an English translation):


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