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The brilliant initiative of the Entente Colombophile de Camargue to promote pigeon racing

Pigeon racing is a sport that deserves our full attention, and one that is very popular with enthusiasts. It consists of breeding homing pigeons to compete in competitions. Training pigeons is a long and meticulous process, but the result is worth it. Homing pigeons can fly at incredible speeds and cover great distances to reach their homes. It is also an art that can be passed on to children, as is the case at the Entente Colombophile de Camargue.

Created in 2015, the Entente Colombophile de Camargue is a young and dynamic association affiliated to the Fédération Colombophile Française. Its aim is to promote pigeon racing among young people by introducing them to this highly competitive sport. The founding President, Paul-Edouard Despierres, has been a pigeon fancier since his teenage years and has managed several sailing clubs as well as the Ligue de Voile d'Occitanie. The status of the association allows anyone to become a member by sponsoring a young person under the age of 15.

The Entente Colombophile de Camargue is very active and proposes animations on the occasion of various festivals and events, such as the school festival, the commemoration of November 11, the associations' festival, and even festive releases for seminars, fairs, company parties, retirements, weddings, baptisms and communions. The members of the association have shown their commitment and determination by recently acquiring a transport van for training purposes.

Pigeon racing is a highly competitive sport that requires patience, perseverance and determination. We therefore congratulate the Entente Colombophile de Camargue for its initiative and commitment to this passion. We hope that this association will continue to flourish and bring pigeon racing to a wider audience.

If you are interested in pigeon racing or if you are looking for an exciting activity for you or your children, don't hesitate to ask about the Entente Colombophile de Camargue. You won't be disappointed! - Petite Camargue


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